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Sales and Support Team

Aimee's photograph


Aimee has been taking care of businesses and investigators here at LeadsOnline for more than five years. She's resourceful, thorough, and obsessed with quality customer service. She works to make sure LeadsOnline is taking care of the people who count on us.

Amberly's photograph


Amberly holds an MBA from Louisiana Tech University where she also played college softball and set 75 percent of the offensive records. She has carried over her competitive drive for the game to help give law enforcement a competitive edge in solving crimes with the LeadsOnline system.

Anya's photograph


Anya has been helping detectives solve cases since 2004. Anya's degree is in computer science. She applies her technical background to problem-solving for law enforcement agencies and reporting businesses. She's helped hundreds of departments – from New York City to Gadsden, Alabama – get up and running with LeadsOnline.

Ashleigh's photograph


Ashleigh is a natural when it comes to teaching others new things, and she enjoys putting herself in the detective's shoes when she's showing them how to catch crooks with LeadsOnline. The Baylor University graduate is always spirited and ready to help.

Ellyce's photograph


Ellyce comes to LeadsOnline from the great city of Las Vegas. She's a nursing student who puts her excitement for helping others into her work at LeadsOnline as a walk through specialist. She says the best part is that she gets to help some of the friendliest people, LeadsOnline users, solve crimes.

Emily's photograph


Emily is a University of Arizona graduate, and brings enthusiasm and top-notch customer service to law enforcement investigators and reporting businesses. She enjoys sports and running, and she ensures everything is running smoothly for LeadsOnline clients.

Erin's photograph


Erin graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University, and we're pretty sure she ran the place. Dedicated and hard working, Erin takes care of hundreds of law enforcement agencies and a few thousand detectives. She's an avid sports fan and also finds quite a bit of entertainment in working here at LeadsOnline. She can be brutally honest, so if you "can't handle the truth", um…you really should just ask someone else.

Jennifer's photograph

Jennifer B.

Jennifer B., also known around the office as Ginger, fulfills her passion for helping others everyday as she helps detectives learn how to maximize LeadsOnline capabilities so they can clear cases and recover stolen property quicker. When she's traveling the country to train and meet with law enforcement, you're sure to find her with her camera close by.

Jennifer's photograph

Jennifer R.

A graduate of Hardin-Simmons University with a bachelor's in Police Science Administration, Jennifer has extensive experience using the LeadsOnline system. She's a 10+ year veteran and former detective, and has solved more than 100 cases with LeadsOnline. Jennifer ensures detectives across the U.S. understand how to use LeadsOnline to achieve similar success.

Jocelyn's photograph


Jocelyn comes to LeadsOnline after attending University of Texas at Dallas where she majored in animation. Her fun sense of humor makes her a great walk through specialist as she can always make you laugh while showing you the ropes. Her favorite thing about working at LeadsOnline is helping law enforcement solve crimes and hearing various accents as she trains officers from across the county.

Jordyn's photograph


A four year shooting guard for the John Brown University basketball team, Jordyn is from Arkansas and a Razorback at heart. She claims to be the only SEC fan in the office. Though that may be true, she's certainly not the only one who enjoys working with law enforcement to help them catch crooks.

Lauren's photograph


Growing up Lauren thought she wanted to be a police officer, but then she found it could be a little more dangerous than she thought. That's why the Harding University graduate is living on the safe side by helping America's investigators fight crime and detect criminal activity with LeadsOnline.

Nicole's photograph


Nicole studied criminal justice at East Carolina University and got her feet wet in the world of investigations by interning with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations. Since then, she's continued to work closely with investigators across the world. Nicole is outgoing and friendly, and goes out of her way to make sure law enforcement has everything they need to make their jobs easier. She can't wait to help you solve crimes using LeadsOnline.

Russell's photograph


Russell has trained and equipped thousands of law enforcement clients and reporting businesses since LeadsOnline's launch in 2000. Prior to serving investigators at LeadsOnline, Russell served in the Air Force where he trained and equipped thousands of troops for chemical warfare in the Persian Gulf.

Shawna's photograph


Shawna holds a degree in Community Health Education, and was a cheerleader for Stephen F. Austin State University and Texas Tech. She's spirited and energetic, and also happens to be a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan. She cheers on America's team and supports America's investigative system. If you need anything at LeadsOnline, Shawna is on it.

Travis's photograph


Travis is a trout fishing, lacrosse playing, motorcycle driving, technical support specialist and business management graduate from Harding University who also studied criminal justice. At LeadsOnline, he gets an even balance of business and criminal justice as he works closely with detectives and reporting businesses each day.

Yared's photograph


We know her as YaYa, and we also know she goes the extra mile to make sure everything she does is absolutely perfect. Whether it's prepping for trade shows or showing businesses how to streamline their reporting process with LeadsOnline, there's no doubt it is all top-notch. She's a native Spanish speaker, and when she's not taking care of things at LeadsOnline, she says she's known to serve up a mean dish of enchiladas verde.

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