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eBay First Responder

eBay First Responder is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Our partnership with eBay makes it possible for law enforcement to locate possible stolen merchandise listed for sale or sold on eBay.

Benefits of using eBay First Responder

  • Locate seller ID information.
  • Locate seller listings and sales history.
  • Locate possible stolen merchandise listed for sale or already sold.
  • Help provide evidence to assist in prosecution of those responsible for property theft.
  • Access eBay First Responder even if your agency doesn't use other LeadsOnline services.

"I was conducting a large investigation of an individual suspected of stealing clothes from a local store, supposedly to sell on eBay. Through LeadsOnline's First Responder Service, I was able to obtain a vital piece of information from an eBay customer that helped to link my suspect to the sale. This evidence will definitely help in the prosecution."

Investigator Kelly Cross, James City County PD

Note: eBay FIT will also provide this information to law enforcement upon request, but our way is quicker.

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