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LeadsOnline Success Stories: Arson

Arson suspect confesses when confronted with LeadsOnline evidence

"We were investigating a residential house fire and quickly developed a suspect. The house had been burglarized one week prior to the house fire. The suspect was brought in for an interview and denied everything and anything to do with the house burglary and fire. We then ran the suspect thru LeadsOnline and found that he had pawned over 25 items the same day that the house was burglarized. Of course, the items were the same description as the ones reported stolen by the homeowner (dvd player, playstation, dvds etc...). When the suspect was confronted with the indisputable evidence, he confessed to the burglary and arson of the house. Thanks to leads online, TDC has another customer."

Inv. Dustin Deutsch
Harris County Fire Marshall

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