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LeadsOnline Success Stories: Financial Crime

Vehicle used in attempted bank robbery recovered, suspect arrested

"LeadsOnline helped me identify the vehicle used in an attempted bank robbery. In turn, we arrested the suspect, recovered the vehicle and the firearm that was used in the attempt."

Det. Stacy Rollison
Warren County Sheriff's Office

Suspect with stolen credit cards caught by LeadsOnline

"After a series of burglaries, the suspect used credit cards taken during the burglaries to purchase gift cards. The suspect was very careful not to give us a shot of his face on surveillance video when using the cards. Transactions from the gift cards showed that he was less careful using those, giving us a shot of his face. We were still unable to ID him. He also purchased a pizza, and he provided his phone number to the restaurant when he ordered it. The phone was a burner and all normal attempts to identify the owner didn't work. I ran a search for the number through LeadsOnline and sure enough, he provided this number to a shop in another state. His picture was pulled, and it was a match to the suspect in the surveillance video."

Det. Michael Costello
Republic Police Department

Pin pointing illegal activity and money laundering

"I am a detective from the Yellow Springs Police Department and am assigned to the Greene County Ace Task Force. We specialize in major felony cases in our county. My Chief and I were able to use LeadsOnline to pin point some illegal pawning that was going on, and I was able to use it in indicting two subjects this week. Due to the specific information that is on your website, we were able to add a money laundering charge for receiving monies on stolen items. So from our victims and our department to you, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR THE INVESTIGATIVE WORLD."

Det. Naomi Penrod
Yellow Springs Police Department

Caught a crook during training of the LeadsOnline system

"While training on the new system, I located several items that were purchased using bad checks. The suspect told me the items had been stolen from him (lie). Using your system, I located the items and found they were pawned by the suspect."

Det. Thomas Cope
Dayton Police Department

Felony charges for misuse of company credit card

"I was investigating an unlawful use of credit card case where an employee used the company's credit card to purchase tools from Home Depot, but the tools never ended up at the business. The employee claimed he bought the tools and delivered them to the business, and he said someone must have stolen them. I checked the employee's home, Craigslist, eBay and the other sales sites, but I was unable to locate any of the stolen tools. When I checked LeadsOnline, I found the employee sold several of the missing tools at multiple pawn shops in our area. Along with the recovery of the tools, I obtained video of the employee during the actual sale of the items, which lead to felony charges against the employee. Without assistance from LeadsOnline, this case might not have come to a successful conclusion."

Det. Michael Pentecost
Glendale Heights Police Department

Arizona bank robbers caught with LeadsOnline

"Our department responded to a bank robbery in Sahuarita, Arizona. Investigation showed that the same suspect had robbed a different bank, earlier in the day, in Pima County, Arizona. We learned that the day before, an anonymous tip was called in describing the individuals involved in bank robberies in the Tucson area over the past three months. This tip included two phone numbers and three names associated with the suspects. We ran this information through all of our police databases, but it was LeadsOnline that cracked this one open. Search warrants were issued and later in the day three suspects were arrested. After interviews, all three confessed to a total of 11 bank robberies in the Tucson / Sahuarita / Pima County area."

Det. Steve Bunting
Sahuarita Police Department

Stolen laptop for sale online recovered by diligent Indianapolis detective

"Once again Leads has proven to be very valuable. I was assigned a case today and had information from a victim that he had found his laptop on eBay. I was able to use the eBay function on LeadsOnline and was able to immediately find out who the seller was. I was able to make contact with the seller who told me he bought the laptop through craigslist. After just a couple hours after having the case assigned to me, I was able to recover the victim's laptop which would have otherwise have been shipped to someone who had purchased it on eBay. Thanks again."

Det. Larry Craciunoiu
Indianapolis Police Department

Indiana detectives use LeadsOnline eBay system to identify vacuum thief

"While investigating a significant amount of thefts at our retails stores for the popular "Dyson" vacuum cleaners, we utilized the eBay listings portion of LeadsOnline. We located a local resident who had sold two units within the past few days. As a result of the records provided, we were able to identify our suspect within 15 minutes of the placing the search for our stolen property. The suspect was identified as having sold 11 stolen vacuums and charges have been filed by three different agencies, in three different counties as a result of this information. The suspect was arrested and refused to provide a statement, however the evidence gathered through Leads Online makes this a solid case!"

Det. Brian Nugent
Avon Police Department

Stolen property returned to Georgia crime victims thanks to jurisdictions using LeadsOnline and eBay investigations tools

"I was able to use the LeadsOnline eBay site listing to look up an individual that was stealing items from our area. I received the information from a concerned citizen that this individual was shipping several lawn care equipment items that he sold on eBay through the mail on a regular basis. After checking his eBay account, thanks to LeadsOnline, I along with Investigators from other cities and counties in the surrounding area were able to locate where the suspect had sold numerous items online which were all stolen from the different jurisdictions. Thanks to LeadsOnline we were able to recover a few items but more importantly return property back to our victims."

Det. Casey Fuller
West Point Police Department

Alabama insurance fraud prevented by detective using LeadsOnline

"I've recently learned that the suspect in an insurance fraud case I've been working owes a lot of money to his ex-wife for back child support. My using LeadsOnline stopped him from filing a false claim with his insurance. The records I accessed in a search on your system showed the suspect falsely claimed items as stolen from his residence. The case has now been closed. Thanks for your assistance in providing such a useful tool for our agency."

Sgt. Casey Ott
Autauga County Sheriff's Office

Santa Clara County uses LeadsOnline to find stolen bikes worth over $50,000 in Bay Area

"A 38 year old white male out of San Jose, was allowed free access to a bike store in Cupertino. When the owner would go on bike rides with friends on Saturday mornings, suspect would enter store (had keys and alarm code), steal inventory and subsequently sell online. The suspect was arrested and Search Warrant served on home; recovered over 80 items of evidence including 3 Carbon Fiber bikes; all recovered items valued at over $50,000. All because of finding the information on LeadsOnline!"

Sgt. Deborah Johnson
Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office

Arson and insurance fraud case solved by Fire Marshall using LeadsOnline

"We were interviewing a vehicle owner in regards to his vehicle being reported stolen and burned. The owner provided a long list of valuable contents including amps, a stereo, speakers, etc. The owner even provided us with photos of the property in the vehicle. We ran his name through LeadsOnline and saw the same descriptions of items were pawned by him one day prior to his vehicle being 'stolen and burned.' When confronted with the evidence (we actually had to go to the pawn shop and seize the property), he confessed to insurance fraud and arson of a motor vehicle."

Inv. Dustin Deutsch
Harris County Fire Marshall

There is no honor or loyalty among criminals. Misery does love company.

"Three suspects, linked to over 10 burglaries in a four month period, were apprehended after a residential burglary in which they stole a victim's purse while she was sleeping. After being awoken to the sound of glass breaking, the victim entered her kitchen to find missing property. She heard the sound of a muffler from a loud vehicle speeding away in the distance. The authorities were made aware of the use of the credit cards stolen along with the purse, and a still photo was acquired of one of the suspects involved. After the photo was placed on a website and in several newspapers, a tip was received as to the whereabouts of the criminal. The suspect turned himself in to authorities and gave up the name of a second suspect who was apprehended and questioned. In turn, he gave up a third suspect from the crime. After running their names through the LeadsOnline database, several items were found. The crooks are now awaiting trial due to the evidence brought forth from LeadsOnline. Thank you LeadsOnline!"

Det. Keith Craft
Houma Police Department

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