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LeadsOnline is the easiest and safest way to report transactions, helping you, your community, and law enforcement.

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We help a variety of businesses work together within their communities – be it on a local, state, or national level ― and believe that it is the overall partnership that brings about a safer community, no matter where you are in the U.S. LeadsOnline is a wide-reaching, effective nationwide system because of the commitment of business owners who want to help put a stop to property crimes and meth abuse. Across state lines and in cities everywhere, thousands of businesses report to us daily and we applaud their ongoing commitment and support.

Through those businesses that report to us, such as pawn shops, secondhand stores, pharmacies, and scrap metal yards, we can provide law enforcement agencies with important and pertinent information in real-time that will allow police to help civilians and business owners live in a safer community.

Benefits for businesses using our system

  • FREE (you can't argue with that)
  • Fast, simple, and secure
  • Totally web-based and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Stellar client support, also free
  • Simplify reporting
  • No software to install. No hardware to purchase. No upgrades to buy
  • Our system works without interrupting your daily store operations
  • Existing store software or hardware need little or no modifications to use our system

Even more benefits

  • Be part of positive press and community response nationwide
  • Receive credit from the public for proactively helping to deter criminal activity
  • Help law enforcement solve crimes
  • Complimentary check of Department of Treasury SDN list

Fine print: Corporations may contract with and pay LeadsOnline for specific functions such as helping them identify fraudsters based on the transactions they submit; or providing MethMonitor as their internal PSE log book system; or handling some unique regulatory requirement. If the preceding sentence doesn't make sense to you, then just disregard. In some states, a government agency can require us to bill businesses, but it's certainly not the norm. Thank you for reading the fine print.

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