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LeadsOnline is the easiest and safest way to report transactions, helping you, your community, and law enforcement.

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Pawn / Secondhand Stores

LeadsOnline is an easy–to–use web–based system for businesses, designed to meet local reporting requirements in an efficient and user-friendly manner.

LeadsOnline is trusted by thousands of small businesses and many large corporations across all 50 states.

Our web-based software can connect to any point of sale system, or can be used as a secure standalone service for electronic reporting. Bar code scanners, cameras, signature pads, and other electronic interface devices may be used according to state and local requirements to efficiently capture required information and speed customer checkout.

Investigators access information they need for their cases without having to handle electronic files or visit the store to pick up tickets. Access to information is limited by username and password and use of information is based on state and federal privacy law.

Law enforcement agencies subscribe to the system in order to solve more cases for crime victims and to save tax dollars for their communities.

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