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LeadsOnlabs MethMonitor is an easy-to-use web-based system designed to keep meth makers out of stores. With a simple swipe-scan-click, LeadsOnlabs provides a fast, user–friendly, and fully compliant system for entering information required by state and federal law for pseudoephedrine purchases.

MethMonitor connects to any point of sale system, or can be used as a secure standalone service for pharmacies and other retailers. Bar code scanners, signature pads and other electronic interface devices may be used to help speed customer checkout.

Designed by pharmacists and narcotics investigators, MethMonitor instantly checks for over-the-limit purchase attempts and stops the sale, thus providing the opportunity for communities to keep precursors out of the hands of meth makers.

With MethMonitor, pharmacists can focus on patient care rather than tedious paper record keeping. And law enforcement investigators have instant access to real-time notifications.

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