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LeadsOnline is the easiest and safest way to report transactions, helping you, your community, and law enforcement.

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Who Reports to LeadsOnline?

LeadsOnline receives millions (that's right – millions) of transactions each month from businesses taking in merchandise from the public. The vast majority of these transactions are legitimate, and some will be the key to solving your case.

With LeadsOnline, all businesses accepting merchandise from the public report electronically. These businesses include pawn shops, secondhand stores, scrap metal recyclers, music stores, game stores, mall kiosks, and Internet drop-off stores. And all authorized investigators in your agency have direct access to those records to work their cases.

Back in the olden days law enforcement agencies would pick up "tickets" or electronic records from stores. The process was tedious and resource-intensive. Information was out of date and not very helpful in solving cases. Results were mixed.

Crooks could beat the system by simply selling outside a jurisdiction, since the reach of law enforcement was limited to jurisdictional territory.

Transactions taking place today are available to detectives today. Our cross-jurisdictional reporting and investigation system solves cases in literally seconds – from burglary to homicide. Our system solves crimes, saves staff hours and the community's tax dollars.

If you're a detective, you gotta have it.

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