LeadsOnline Leadership Conference 2018


The LeadsOnline Leadership Conference is one of the nation's best law enforcement conferences. Police investigators from across the country come together for 16 hours of continuing education and prime networking opportunities. Some of the topics covered include in-depth homicide case studies, identity theft, planning and executing undercover sting operations, mobile device forensics, and metal theft investigations.

Monday, May 28, 2018


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Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Check-in at Leadership Conference Information Center

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In Depth LeadsOnline Training (Optional)
LeadsOnline Staff

Whether you're a long-time LeadsOnline investigator, new to the job or new to LeadsOnline, you are sure to come away with the tools, skills and ideas to tackle your caseload with confidence.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Morning Workout (seriously) (Optional)

We listen to feedback, and in the past 11 years, three people have requested a healthier Leadership Conference. So bring your workout clothes and get ready to start the day right!



A full, hot breakfast buffet will be served outside of the Ballroom for all Leadership Conference attendees.


Law Enforcement Response to the Pulse Night Club Terror Attack
Lt. Douglas Goerke, Orlando FL PD

On June 12, 2016 at approximately 2:00 A.M., a self-radicalized Homegrown Violent Extremist (H.V.E.) entered the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, FL and carried out a terror attack that killed 49 innocent victims. The incident quickly transitioned from an active shooter event to a barricaded hostage taker. During the incident, the suspect professed his allegiance to ISIS and stated he had enough explosives to level "several blocks."

This presentation will provide an in-depth overview of the Pulse Nightclub terror attack. Details will be shared regarding response, challenges faced and operational decisions made during the incident, including victim extraction. Lt. Goerke will also share lessons learned from the event to assist first responders to better prepare for critical incidents involving active shooters and mass casualty incidents.


Data Driven Policing
Lt. Juan Duque, New York NY PD

The New York City Police Department is the largest in the United States with 36,000 officers. The NYPD CompStat process has been refined over many years and has spawned data-driven programs to address crime trends from deaths due to opioid overdose to phones stolen on subways. While other cities may not operate at the scale of NYPD, criminal investigators across the country have a similar need to turn data into relevant actionable information.


Lunch On Your Own



Real Time Crime
Dave Finley, President and CEO of LeadsOnline

In many agencies, viable cases cannot be worked due to limited personnel and timing of available data. This session will provide leaders with a first look at the new game-changing, force-multiplying tools from LeadsOnline that will automatically generate hits on cases from the moment they are reported, and solve cold cases long after the file is put away. This is a game-changer.


Following the Money
Transaction Record Analysis Center (TRAC)
Rich Lebel, Arizona AG's Office

Operating from the Arizona HIDTA Center, TRAC investigates tracking illicit funds tied to criminal activity across the U.S. Learn how law enforcement investigators use LeadsOnline and TRAC to identify individuals involved as well as their roles in human trafficking, which had previously been unknown to investigators.


ecoATM Helps Solve Murder in Dallas County
Sean Flaherty, ecoATM

Hear how ecoATM worked with Dallas County prosecutors to help convict individuals responsible for killing two in a drive by shooting and then committing several armed robberies throughout the community. ecoATM kiosks helped capture pictures showing unique tattoos on the suspects and provided crucial thumbprints to assist in the case. This case will highlight the assistance ecoATM team members are able to provide from start to finish when working your cases where items have been sold to their kiosks.


Session Ends

Dinner on your own.

Thursday, May 31, 2018


Morning Workout (Optional)




A full, hot breakfast buffet will be served outside of the Ballroom for all Leadership Conference attendees.


Human Trafficking Case Study
Sgt. Robert McDaniel, Portsmouth VA PD

Criminals use extreme physical violence and threats against women and children along with other forms of control to force their victims into prostitution. Learn how investigators used LeadsOnline to bring a multi-state human trafficker to justice and free the victims after years of modern-day slavery.


Felony Lane Gang
Det. Jaime Rader, Lenexa KS PD and Ms. Naheel Baker, Ft. Lauderdale FL PD

A well-organized gang travels from city to city committing smash and grab burglaries and financial crimes valued in the tens of thousands of dollars each week. These individuals have gone to extraordinary lengths to continue their run, and Det. Rader has coordinated with investigators in Kansas, Michigan, Florida and Texas. Learn how this group can be connected to your cases, as they may have visited a bank in your jurisdiction.


Lunch On Your Own



Non-Traditional Organized Crime and Victimization of the Elderly
Deputy Commissioner Matthew Nichols, Warren PD

Organized crime is not always as expected. Specific groups targeting your elderly have reaped enormous profits through various convoluted, yet well-planned, schemes. Topics will include an introduction to these unique groups along with the historical perspective of the transient criminal mindset that leads to investigative hurdles and impediments to prosecution. Discussion will expose the most profitable crimes and provide recommendations in overcoming identification hurdles, barriers to prosecution, stereotypes, and misconceptions when dealing with the dynamics of elderly victimization.


Continuing Education Exam and Closing Remarks

This concludes the 2018 Leadership Conference. See y'all next year!