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The Golden Cat Award

About The Golden Cat

The Golden Cat Award recognizes law enforcement agencies in Arkansas and Mississippi for their efforts and successes in combatting metal theft using the LeadsOnline Metal Theft Investigations Systems (MTIS). These states were the first to implement LeadsOnline MTIS as the statewide reporting system for investigating this costly crime.

The Golden Cat winner is awarded to the agency in both of these states that exemplifies the most impactful investigative work in the fight against metal theft each year. Read more...

LeadsOnline, along with Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, awarded the inaugural Golden Cat Award in 2012 to the Gautier (MS) Police Department. In 2013, the Golden Cat Award will be awarded in Arkansas through the Attorney General's Office and again in Mississippi through the Secretary of State's Office.

The winning agency in each state will be awarded the coveted Golden Cat Award as well as a $1,000 grant for the Criminal Investigations Unit and two paid registrations to the 2014 LeadsOnline Leadership Conference to help further educate investigators.

The Metal Theft Epidemic

Metal theft is a costly crime that leaves the community and its citizens with an expensive repair bill and a mess to clean up. In some cases, this destructive crime puts lives at risk. Read more...

In recent years, as the price of copper and other metals began to rise, metal theft became a nationwide epidemic – air conditioners were being stolen from churches and local businesses, telecommunications companies were losing millions as cables and wires were stripped from utilities, and cemeteries were being robbed of their urns.

Law enforcement and state leaders collaborated to enact comprehensive laws that would protect infrastructure and their communities. This led to the adoption of a process that is minimally invasive on the recycling industry, allows law enforcement to enforce the regulations in an easy manner and does not create unnecessary paperwork.

The State of Mississippi was the first to enact such laws, and in 2008, the Mississippi Secretary of State's Office made provisions for every law enforcement agency in the state to have access to LeadsOnline MTIS, a powerful investigations tool to help track stolen metal across city, county and state lines. Arkansas and Arizona followed suit, providing law enforcement with the tools needed to effectively and efficiently investigate metal theft crimes.

Since then, investigators throughout these states have solved countless crimes with LeadsOnline MTIS, resulting in hundreds of arrests and millions of dollars in savings for tax payers. LeadsOnline MTIS is also used at the local level and is the de facto system for investigating metal thefts in 33 states.

Download Nomination Form

Submission Specifications

All submissions must include a completed nomination form. In approximately 500 words, tell how LeadsOnline MTIS played a role in identifying criminal activity in 2013. Details should focus on how law enforcement's use of the system has impacted the community. Submissions should be as specific as possible without listing non-public information. Only one submission per agency is permitted. Optional and encouraged submission information includes:

  • Copies of news stories and media coverage related to your metal theft efforts
  • Pictures and videos (property recovered, suspects, damage to property, etc.)
  • Feedback from the victim(s) regarding your work
  • Total number of cases solved using LeadsOnline MTIS in 2013
  • Estimated dollar amount of property located and/or recovered using LeadsOnline MTIS in 2013
  • Clearance rate of cases supported by LeadsOnline MTIS in 2013


Law enforcement agencies in Arkansas and Mississippi are eligible to apply.

Note: Agencies in these states without an existing account may register at www.leadsonline.com. LeadsOnline provides training and support for all investigators and reporting businesses.

Submissions and Deadline

All submission for the Golden Cat should be sent to goldencat@leadsonline.com or postmarked by Dec. 31, 2013 and mailed to:

Attn: Golden Cat
6900 Dallas Parkway Ste. 825
Plano, TX 75024

A third party committee will review all nominations meeting eligibility requirements, and the Golden Cat winner will be announced in early 2014.

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