2021 LeadsOnline Leadership Conference


Monday, August 9th

5:00—7:00 PM

Early Check-in at Leadership Conference Information Center (OPTIONAL)

Early arrivers may pick up their name tag and Leadership Conference T-Shirt as the LeadsOnline crew sets the stage.

Tuesday, August 10th

8:00 AM—2:30 PM

Check-in at Leadership Conference Information Center

Pick up your name tag and Leadership Conference T-Shirt. The LeadsOnline crew will be there to answer questions, direct you to LeadsOnline training and give you the rundown on networking events.

8:30—10:30 AM

In Depth LeadsOnline Training
Dave Finley, CEO and Ashley Sacrider, Director of Operations

Beginning at 8:30 AM in the Ballroom, we'll have a full in-depth training of LeadsOnline that will run until 10:30 AM. It’s a casual training environment where you can ask questions and learn how to maximize LeadsOnline for your investigations. If you have any questions after the training is over, our team of experts can answer questions from 11:00 AM—1:00 PM at the check-in table.

Wednesday, August 11th

8:00 AM


A full, hot breakfast buffet will be served outside of the Ballroom for all Leadership Conference attendees.

8:30—8:55 AM

Welcome to Arlington
Dave Finley, CEO of LeadsOnline

9:00—10:30 AM

The Human in Humanity
Shaun Ward, D.M., Charlotte-Mecklenburg NC PD

In uncertain times, it is critical for leaders and leading agencies to break through an "us vs. them" mindset and help provide citizens with a more informed understanding of police work. Sergeant Shaun Ward, D.M., will share the experiences and lessons learned as he has engaged community groups in the city of Charlotte, so that you will return home with proven practical tools for building unified, crime-solving, crime-preventing relationships with the people you serve.

10:30—11:30 AM

Hunting Down Fugitives in LeadsOnline
Andy Kuritz, Douglas County CO, Fugitive Task Force

Det. Kuritz goes after the worst of the worst in the Denver metro area and loves using LeadsOnline as a resource to get additional information. From associates, to updated pictures, to reliable addresses and phone number, Det. Kuritz will share some case stories on successfully tracking some of these bad guys down.

11:30 AM

Lunch on Your Own


Playing Offense on Catalytic Converter Thefts
Michael Jackson, Sugar Land TX PD

Catalytic converter thefts are plaguing communities across the U.S. Learn the tools Sugar Land PD is using to track down and proactively halt this type of crime in their community. In addition, learn about resources and tools crime analysts use to spot trends. If your agency does not have a crime analyst, you’ll be sure to learn some helpful tricks to take home.

2:15—2:30 PM


Enjoy cookies in the foyer.

2:30—5:00 PM

Visual Intelligence and The Art of Perception
Amy Herman, www.artfulperception.com

Amy Herman's "The Art of Perception" training is one of the highest-rated sessions in Leadership Conference history. She has trained the NYPD, FBI, Secret Service, and CIA how to identify both the big picture and the small details that can be easily overlooked. This interactive course will help enhance observation, perception, and communication skills in relation to criminal investigations.

5:00 PM

Session Ends

Dinner on your own.

Thursday, August 12th

8:00 AM


A full, hot breakfast buffet will be served outside of the Ballroom for all Leadership Conference attendees.

8:30—10:00 AM

Stopping Burglaries and Saving Lives
LeadsOnline and Guests

Multiple agencies in a metro area coordinated to stop a burglary ring that had plagued the area for months. There were twists and turns in the investigation, and the story became even more interesting from there. This session will leave you with an encouraging example of the powerful and positive impact of your work, and a lesson in leadership you can take home.

10:00—11:00 AM

Fighting Back Against "The way we’ve always done it"
Wayne Dillon, Phoenix AZ PD

When Lt. Dillon was given the Property bureau at Phoenix AZ PD, the culture had to change. Listen to how Lt. Dillon got his team out of gym shorts and long workouts and into a culture of arresting bad guys and getting people their stuff back. Lt. Dillon will also speak on the investigative systems he is using to help his bureau work smarter.

11:00 AM—12:00 PM

LeadsOnline Real Time Crime
Dave Finley, CEO of LeadsOnline

In many agencies, viable cases cannot be worked due to limited personnel and timing of available data. This session will provide leaders with a look at the new game-changing, force-multiplying tools from LeadsOnline that will automatically generate leads on cases from the moment they are reported and solve cold cases long after the file is put away. See case studies and examples from agencies who have already implemented LeadsOnline Real Time Crime at their department.

12:00 PM

Lunch on Your Own

1:30—2:30 PM

First Cash, ecoATM, and OfferUp
Multiple Speakers

Meet some partners. During this session you’ll hear how corporations are helping to assist law enforcement in catching the bad guys.

2:30—2:45 PM


Enjoy cookies in the foyer.

2:45—3:45 PM

Use Your Friends at CAST to Analyze Cell Phones
Mark Sedwick, FBI Dallas, CAST

Advanced mobile phone analysis can be critical in finding and securing the evidence needed to advance your major crime case. FBI offices throughout the country have agents certified in cell phone analysis as a part of the Cellular Analysis Survey Team. Special Agent Sedwick will show you how the CAST team partners with local law enforcement to find missing persons and advance homicide cases.

3:45—4:30 PM

LeadsOnline Pro-Tips Panel

Tips and tools to give you the break you have been looking for in your investigations.

4:30—5:00 PM

Continuing Education Exam and Closing Remarks

This concludes the 2021 Leadership Conference. See y’all next year!

NOTE: Agenda is subject to change.

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