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Sketches is a partnership between LeadsOnline and ID Forensic Art, a team of veteran police officers who are also experienced forensic artists.

Sketches we provide

  • Composite drawing - This is the most common type of forensic art. The artist interviews the victim or witness, and together, they create the best possible representation of the suspect based on the victim or witness's memory.
  • Composite drawing with surveillance video / photo assistance - In some cases, surveillance video of the suspect may be available, and while grainy and insufficient for identification, it can serve as a powerful tool to refresh the victim or witness's memory. Working with copies of the surveillance video, the forensic artist and witness are able to develop an extremely accurate sketch of the suspect.
  • Identifying deceased victims: postmortem drawings and facial reconstruction - Sometimes a victim is badly wounded or decayed beyond the point of recognition. In these cases, photographs of the victim's remains are not suited for public distribution. This is where the skilled forensic artists at LeadsOnline Sketches are able to create postmortem drawing or do a facial reconstruction of the victim's skull so that the resulting sketch can be released to the public for identification purposes. For more information on how LeadsOnline Sketches can assist with such cases, please email

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Endorsed by Karen T. Taylor, Leading Forensic Artist

Karen Taylor is one of the nation's leading forensic artists. Here's what she has to say about our artists:

"Greg Bean and Natalie Murry have developed a highly efficient tool to facilitate the process of transforming eyewitness verbal descriptions into facial composites for investigative purposes. The composite image quality is top notch, matching or surpassing most sketches in the media. Their innovative approach melds the best of traditional forensic sketching and interviewing techniques with current technology for an efficient crime solving tool."

– Karen T. Taylor, author of Forensic Art and Illustration

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