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Curbing Sale of Stolen Items

September 20, 2010

Bettendorf city leaders are trying to help prevent the sale of stolen items in the city. City leaders are considering an ordinance that would require re-sale shops to participate in an online program that will help track stolen merchandise.

The program is called LeadsOnline. It's a national database that allows cities to crack down on people trying to make money off of stolen merchandise. The program is free and in Bettendorf there is a handful of secondhand stores or pawn shops that would have to do it.

Anytime someone brings in something to sell store employees would input data about the item, and the person selling it on the web site. From there police departments across the country can easily track stolen items with a quick search.

"If we have something stolen in one part of the Quad Cities and it's pawned over here then hopefully we can connect it back to the department investigating and get a suspect out of that theft," said Bettendorf Police Chief Phil Redington.

The city will vote on the ordinance Tuesday. If it is approved police plan to work with businesses and monitor that they use the database.

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