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LeadsOnlabs Keeps Tabs on Potential Meth-Makers

January 18, 2010

LeadsOnlabs (Dallas, TX) is an online database that tracks the sale of ingredients used in making methamphetamine (meth). Used by pharmacies throughout the country to thwart meth use, the system streamlines the logging and reporting of products sold containing pseudoephedrine to help pharmacies easily meet regulatory requirements. LeadsOnlabs is user-friendly and provides a great help to law enforcement officials in battling meth in communities across the United States. Pharmacies throughout the state of Arkansas are required to use the system, resulting in a significant decrease in meth abuse there. LeadsOnlabs is an offshoot of LeadsOnline, the country's largest investigative system used by more than 3000 law enforcement agencies to recover stolen property and solve crimes through its real-time, cross-jurisdictional capabilities. For more information or to receive a free 30-day trial of LeadsOnlabs, visit

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