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Sheriff Recovers $10K in Stolen Property

One Arrest Made, Others Pending

By Daniel Kemp

June 25, 2010

Authorities said they are close to solving a string of burglaries spanning at least three Kentucky counties and one in Indiana. One man has been arrested and thousands of dollars worth of stolen merchandise, including electronics and guns, have been found.

The Meade County Sheriff's Department said at least 13 burglaries can be solved just with the property it recovered. The department's investigation led officers to Hardin and Breckinridge counties and Corydon, Ind., and police said they are confident more arrests will be made soon.

"We didn't think it would happen again, but here we are," burglary victim Patti Davidson said.

"The sense of security is just gone. We come home thinking, 'Has somebody been in our house today?'"

For the second time in four years, Davidson, a Breckinridge County resident, said she has to live with the uneasiness of knowing that someone broke into her home.

On Thursday, Davidson learned 27-year-old Joseph Riggs was arrested and charged in connection with the theft from her home. Items including her family's televisions, laptops and video games were taken.

"It's bothered my child more than us. That night she (my daughter) had to sleep with me," Davidson said.

More than $10,000 worth of stolen property was recovered by the Meade County Sheriff's Department, but authorities said their findings are only the beginning.

"We know there's more victims out there, and we're going to recover more property," Sheriff Butch Kerrick said.

Kerrick said Riggs and at least four others were trading out the stolen property for pills.

"Anything they can get their hands on for a quick high, that's what they're doing," Kerrick said.

Kerrick said right now, suspects are cooperating and Riggs is just the first of several more arrests the department plans to make.

"There's no loyalty out there. They'll turn over on their own mother and father to save their own hide," Kerrick said.

Kerrick said other victims are being notified about their property and authorities are asking them to come take a look at the recovered merchandise.

Call the Meade County Sheriff's Department at 270-422-4673 for more information.

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