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Surveillance Photos Show Suspect Pawning Jewelry From Craigslist Murder And Robbery

Detectives: Suspect Amanda Knight pawned jewelry from the Edgewood home

By Web Reporter

May 06, 2010

TACOMA – Investigators say it's one of the most damning pieces of evidence in the case so far.

Amanda Knight is seen on surveillance video selling stolen items at a local pawn shop.

Pierce County Sheriff's Detective Ed Troyer says, "We were able to find the jewelry and stolen items that was taken from the robbery and we have a picture of Amanda Knight pawning it."

Investigators say that video of Amanda Knight unloading stolen goods was taken at the Pawn X-Change in Auburn, but they say she and her accomplices pawned several items at several pawn shops in several states."

In fact, take a look at this photo of knight in a San Francisco pawn shop.

Investigators say Knight also pawned stolen jewelry in a pawn shop near San Francisco.

Investigators hope they can recover all that was stolen.

Detective Troyer says, "We're continuing to collect items. We're continuing to do search warrants and we'll continue to work this case until we've got every piece of evidence and everything back that we think we can get."

Bail for Amanda Knight has been set at two-million dollars.

The other three suspects will be arraigned on Monday.

Next pierce county prosecutor mark Lindquist says he will begin to build case against every one of them for murder, two counts of robbery, and two counts of assault.

Lindquist says, "We've got eye witnesses that were right at the scene, we're going to talk further with them now that they've had a little bit of time after the incident. We've got the defendants making statement. We're going to look carefully at their statements and sort out what rings true and what can be corroborated from what is probably self serving."

All four will likely be tried together rather than individually and if they're convicted, they face 67 years behind bars.

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