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Ex-con arrested in break-ins

By Gordon Wilczynski

July 6, 2012

Clinton Township police said they have caught an ex-convict who has admitted breaking into 20 to 25 houses in Macomb County and parts of Oakland County.

Clinton Township Detective Capt. Richard Maierle said Zdravko Deljevic, 46, was arrested this week at his home on Porter Street. Police recovered thousands of dollars in stolen items. Maierle said Deljevic told his officers he broke into the homes to steal items he sold to support his heroin need.

"This was an excellent arrest and could not have been accomplished without the public's help and excellent work by our detective bureau, especially Dan Quinn," Maierle said. "A video of the suspect and his accomplice was viewed on newspaper Internet and television sites and he was identified."

Maierle said road patrol officers went to Deljevic's home on Wednesday and arrested him.

Police said Deljevic admitted into breaking into a home on Clinton River Road on June 3 and confessed to stealing thousands of dollars worth of items.

Maierle said Deljevic admitted to selling a lot of the items he stole, but other stolen items were recovered from his house.

"He told us he would go to the front door of homes and ring the doorbell," Maierle said. "If no one answered, he would kick in the door and steal whatever was readily available."

Maierle said Deljevic was identified on surveillance video leaving a local Meijer store after using a credit card he stole from one of the businesses. Police are still trying to identify another man, only known as Paul, seen walking out of the store with Deljevic.

Clinton Township Detective Dan Quinn said Deljevic has a lengthy criminal record and is an admitted heroin addict.

Besides spending time in Michigan prisons, Deljevic also was arrested in Nevada and spent time in prison there, records indicate.

Locally, Michigan Department of Correction records indicate Deljevic was first arrested in 1986 for breaking into a building with intent and carrying a firearm during the commission of a felony. Since then, he has been arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, home invasion 2nd degree and possession of cocaine.


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