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Monroe County, Ga., considering ordnance and credits LeadsOnline for aiding in recovery $30,000 in stolen property

Gold and Pawn Shop Ordinance Could Help Monroe County Deputies Find Stolen Jewelry

By Ashley Minelli

January 17, 2012

As gold prices sky rocket, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office says, so do the number of jewelry thefts.

Tonight, Investigator Travis White, brought an ordinance to the Monroe County Commission that would help the Sheriff's office track down stolen metals and precious gems. The ordinance requires that any pawn shop or gold buyer enter pictures and descriptions into an online database when pieces come in.

White says this database helped recover $30,000 worth of stolen goods in High Falls.

"We actually found that they sold the gold before we knew the burglary took place, so we were able to get that gold back, solve the crime, and make an arrest on it," says White.

The ordinance would also require sellers to hold pieces for 14 days before melting them down.

Commission voted to table the ordinance.The county attorney will review it before any law is passed.

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