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Newport Police recover $64,000 worth of jewelry with LeadsOnline

LeadsOnline helps Kentucky law enforcement track stolen jewelry nationwide Handyman gets too handy, lifting more than $73,000 worth of jewelry from employer's home

June 28, 2012

According to Newport Police, they have recovered more than $64,000 worth of jewelry that was stolen from a local residence. Police say when a victim reported more than $73,000 worth of jewelry missing from her Newport home, detectives used LeadsOnline to search suspect names provided by the victim. Detectives say the quick search allowed them to instantly identify the victim's handyman as a prime suspect.

Police say the LeadsOnline search returned 77 transactions by Lawrence Davidson in which all items pawned or sold matched items reported stolen by the victim. Over a five week time period, the alleged suspect frequently traveled from Newport, Kentucky to Cincinnati, Ohio and other surrounding cities to pawn the stolen goods.

"Without LeadsOnline, I never would have found any of the stolen property – it was all pawned or sold outside of Newport. I use LeadsOnline every day to check for stolen items," said Detective John Dunn of Newport PD.

Secondhand stores, pawn shops and precious metal dealers from all 50 states report electronic transactions to law enforcement via LeadsOnline. The information is instantly searchable, allowing detectives to gather evidence and identify stolen property no matter how far the criminal travels.

Detective Dunn said they were able to recover more than $63,000 worth of property thanks to LeadsOnline, but that some of the jewelry had been scraped and melted.

Once detectives positively identified and recovered the property, they asked the victim to call the alleged suspect to return to the home to do some work. When Davidson arrived, police took him into custody. He was charged and released on bail pending court proceedings.

The Newport Police Department is one of more than 2,200 law enforcement agencies nationwide connected to LeadsOnline in order to streamline the process of receiving paper tickets that were time consuming and inefficient in helping solve crime. Receiving paper tickets from businesses like secondhand stores, pawn shops, and scrap metal recyclers ate up countless and costly man hours, resulting in a method that was complicated to search.

LeadsOnline allows detectives search for stolen property in a variety of ways including serial and model numbers, as well as descriptions. Because the system is an online network that secondhand stores, pawn shops and precious metal dealers report to, police have real-time access to the information, no matter where the item is sold.

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