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Palatine Police Reaching Out To Solve Crimes

June 5, 2012

The Palatine Police Dept. will soon receive a helping hand that could help the local law enforcement agency solve crimes.

Village councilmen recently amended village code pertaining to gold and silver dealers to allow a third party private firm to assist with reporting.

Prior to the amendment, gold and silver dealers were required to report second hand purchases to the police department through email.

However, a private firm called "LeadsOnline" is considered a clearinghouse for much of that information.

By becoming part of this clearinghouse, the Palatine Police Dept. will have access to pawn and second hand dealer information in other towns. According to Police Chief John Koziol, this will enhance the department's abilities to not only keep track of the village's second hand dealers purchases, it will assist in solving crimes where the offenders have sold stolen property in other jurisdictions.

Every gold and dealer must maintain a computer system with Internet access. They will be required to go online and download photos, as well as seller's identity and purchase information to the selected vendor where it can be accessed by law enforcement.

Any dealer will be required to report to the police department any failure or malfunction of their equipment and must resolve those issues immediately.

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