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San Francisco Police's Safe Shopper Strategy: Introducing LeadsOnline

November 6, 2012

The primary mission of the San Francisco Police Department is to reduce crime and the fear of crime. We believe that we can best accomplish this goal through crime prevention. Thefts of electronic devices, such as smart phones, tablet and laptop computers accounts for a significant amount of reported crimes. The intrinsic value of these devices make them an attractive item for thieves to steal, who in turn, pawn the items or offer them for sale on the Internet. However, if we were able to devalue those items by making them worthless on the black market, we believe that we can accomplish our mission to reduce crime and the fear of crime.

Therefore, as part of the San Francisco Police Department's Safe Shoppers strategy we would like to encourage everyone to take advantage of a free service provided by Leads On-line. Leads On-line is the nation's largest online investigative database that is used by more than 4,000 law enforcement agencies to recover stolen property and solve property crimes. Here's how Leads On-line can help:

1) "Report It" - is a service that Leads On-line offers that allows citizens to enter the serial numbers, photographs, item descriptions or scanned receipts of all of their items of value directly into the Lead's database free of charge. This would allow law enforcement to locate any of their stolen items if someone attempted to pawn the items in any pawn shop nationwide.

2) "eBay searches" - Leads On-line has partnered with eBay in order to prevent thieves from using eBay to offer stolen items for sale. eBay automatically uploads all of its transactions into the Lead's database. This service prevents illegal transactions on the eBay website and it will help law enforcement identify the criminals responsible for the thefts.

The instructions on how to use the Leads On-line database is posted on line at or


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