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Carrollton Police arrest suspected drug addict, recover 10 stolen laptops from 10 locations

November 4, 2013

Carrollton, Texas – Carrollton Police Department arrested Brandon Jacobs on Nov. 2 for allegedly stealing 11 laptops from his employer, and then selling the property to 11 different businesses. Police were able to recover all but one of the stolen laptops with the nationwide search capabilities of LeadsOnline. The property recovered is valued at $7,000.

In June, a local electronics rental business began to notice inventory slowly go missing. After identifying a pattern of the missing property over the last few months, the store's management questioned Jacobs who confessed to stealing 11 laptops and a 23-inch computer monitor. Police say the suspect was stealing from the business to support a drug addiction.

"The suspect was a trusted employee who had been working at this business for five years," said Det. Robert Huckaby of Carrollton Police Department's Property Crimes Unit. "He began stealing and selling to pawn shops not just in Carrollton, but Irving, Dallas, Haltom City, Grand Prairie, Grapevine and other cities. LeadsOnline allowed us to easily track down the stolen property."

Located in Plano, LeadsOnline is a nationwide system used by law enforcement to track stolen property that may have been sold across city, county and even state line. The Carrollton Police Department began using LeadsOnline in 2004. More than 500 agencies in Texas and more than 2,700 agencies nationwide use LeadsOnline to instantly search for stolen property that may have been sold at secondhand stores, pawn shops, internet drop off stores, or scrap metal recyclers, across all 50 states.

"I would have recovered the laptop that was sold in Carrollton, but without the help of LeadsOnline, I never would have known to look at pawn shops in Grapevine, Irving, or any of the other cities," Det. Huckaby said.

The police received a full confession from Jacobs, and he was arrested and charged with felony theft. Information in this release is in reference to Carrollton Police case number 2013-6667.


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