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Council hears about new SBPD crime fighting technologies

September 11, 2013

South Bend, Ind. The common council heard from the South Bend Police Department Wednesday night, and its focus on new technologies to fight crime in the city.

Chief Ron Teachman said, just last week, the department subscribed to a new program called "Leads Online."

It's a database that allows second-hand retailers, like pawn shops, to enter information about items brought into their stores.

Police can then access the database to see if any of the items match the description of those reported stolen.

And, in the few days they've had Leads Online, South Bend police are already using it to solve cases.

"Within our first week of being in operation, before we even had a chance to talk to our own vendors here in South Bend, we were able to locate stolen iPhones and video games that were being pawned outside of South Bend in places like Chicago," explained Teachman.

He says the department will also be testing its new "Shot Spotter" technology in the coming weeks.

Acoustic sensors will be placed over a three square mile portion of the city.

They'll be able to pinpoint where gunshots are fired and then immediately alert police.


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