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Man Admits Lawn Thefts, Items Traced via Area Pawn Shops

By KBTX Staff

June 5, 2013

Texas A&M University Police say a string of stolen lawn equipment traced to pawn shops has led to the arrest of a man they believe was the culprit in the case of a number of separate lawn equipment thefts.

County documents show a man was seen stealing lawn care equipment out of the back of a Texas A&M University trailer while employees were working on April 26th. Police reports show two detectives with the University Police Department traced the stolen items to a local pawn shop.

Working with the pawn shop's owners, police say the items were found not to be registered to the man who sold them, 25 year old Tyler Washington. In all, investigators say Washington sold stolen lawn equipment to 7 area pawn shops, including ones in Bryan, College Station, and in Conroe. In all, seventeen items were recovered- 8 were confirmed stolen, 9 others were identified and returned to the proper owners.

In addition, police say additional stolen items may have been recovered out of the Sommerville area. Reports say Washington was arrested on a Warrant from Bryan PD on May 15th. Police say he was found at that time with additional lawn equipment items and pawn tickets. County documents show that upon his arrest, Washington admitted to stealing the items because of family hardships.


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