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Website Helps Police Reunite Us with Our Stolen Belongings

July 10, 2013

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – If you've ever been burglarized you know there's a chance your stuff will end up at a pawn shop. Local pawn shops are helping reunite us with our belongings by using a website you may not know a lot about.

It's called and shops use it to register everything they take in. They are mandated to do so say Rockford Police. Police also use the site to help them track down stolen items, but they tell us the only way we can get our property back is by proving it.

That's why Rockford Police are encouraging us to register our belongings on a free website We can list all of our valuable items by make, model, and what police say is most important to save, the items serial number. They tell us it's hard for us to get our stuff back after it's recovered by police without the serial number.

Pawn shops use to register the items they sell and the serial numbers along with information about who sold the item to them. That information is what police say they use to track down stolen items and burglars.

Police tell us in the three years they've used, they've made almost a dozen arrests.


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