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Bands stopping in St. Louis are having equipment stolen

By Patrick Clark

October 21, 2014

St. Louis might be hitting a sour note with band's passing through town. Monday rap artist Spose posted a note to fans saying $30,000 of gear was stolen from his van.

"Midtown area 3100 block of Olive, we had a vehicle broken into," confirms Capt. Dan Howard, a St. Louis Police Commander District 4. "I can think of three in the last couple weeks, where it appears to me and us, that band equipment is what they're looking for and that's what they've gotten."

Police are working with Jennifer Joyce and the Circuit Attorney's Office on a series of vans that have been broken into. They've also notified music store and pawn shop owners through their leads online program.

"The band equipment we can put a description out of the equipment, and pictures of the specific equipment and get it online, press a button and then it goes to all the pawn shops so they have a good idea of what's coming in their door to at least ask a few more questions and maybe get the law enforcement involved," says Howard.


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