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How CPD Fights High Volume Of Burglaries In Columbus

By Marcus Thorpe

November 5, 2014

Some residents might say the City of Columbus is far from being crime free. There are violent crimes, there are property crimes, and everything in between.

The burglary unit with the Columbus Division of Police is the largest in the force from a manpower perspective, and they are busy.

They work about 40,000 felony cases a year, and that goes between 40 detectives.

"I think there is a nationwide epidemic we see," Lt. Greg Bodker said.

But thanks to technology, crime scene technicians, and predictive policing, detectives are able to solve cases quicker and put criminals behind bars, and off the streets.

Evidence Technicians have made a huge difference in solving crimes.

In the past 30 days, 70 percent of their DNA collected and 90 percent of their latent collection has been of value in a case and helped investigators find suspects and get them off the streets.

"In the best cases they are able to reunite the property," Lt. Bodker said.

There are some challenges for investigators.

A push to keep some criminals out of jail who have limited or no criminal past means some of the suspects get arrested and are out, and recommit the same crime.

"It is devastating for law enforcement," Commander Robert Meader said.

But there have been legislative moves that have really helped, like collected DNA samples from those accused of felonies, not just convicted.

"Our DNA database has mushroomed, and growing rapidly so more cases can be solved," Commander Meader said.

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