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Nearly $190,000 worth of jewelry missing from store

March 4, 2014

A jewelry store employee allegedly stole dozens of items from the store she worked at and sometimes she would leave work, pawn the goods and return to her job. Jessica Ann Lombrana, 28, of Huntertown is facing multiple counts of theft in connection with the case.

On January 21, a woman affiliated with Will Jewelers contacted Fort Wayne police and told them she believed an employee had been stealing jewelry from one of their stores for quite some time according to court documents filed Tuesday morning. Will Jewelers believes $146,800 worth of items were stolen and then pawned and another $40,000 worth of inventory is still missing.

The woman asked police if they could check to see if Lombrana had been selling or pawning jewelry. Using the Leads Online database, detectives were able to determine Lombrana had an extensive history with the Cash America pawn shop dating to January of 2013. She began her employment with Will Jewelers in June of 2013. The woman with Will Jewelers was able to identify two bracelets that had been pawned at Cash America on January 11 and 14 of this year.

Police asked Cash America if they had any other jewelry that Lombrano had pawned and the store reported there were still approximately 21 items in their inventory and that other pieces had been sold for scrap or sold in the store.

The woman with Will Jewelers told police she believed Lombrana was able to steal the items by deleting entire files from the inventory and then she would add items to old receipts without changing the final price.

Police were able to match dates and times when Lombrana would leave Will Jewelers and pawn items at Cash America. In some instances Lombrana would then return to work.

Police arrested Lombrana at her home on February 23 and taken to the Fort Wayne Police Department where she refused to be interviewed about the case.

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