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New database keeps track of valuable holiday presents

By Elicia Dover

November 28, 2014

The Little Rock Police are teaming up with a new data base to help citizens keep track of their valuable items.

As shoppers head out on Black Friday, it's hard to imagine having all of those items stolen, but it happens every year. While the Little Rock Police can't prevent a burglary, there's a new way to help you get those items back.

It's a website called "Report It." They've teamed up with the law enforcement database website "Leads Online" to help people keep track of all of their valuables.

"What you're going to do is create a home inventory of the items that your purchased. It could be existing items or items that you've just purchased. It's a great opportunity for you to take a picture of that item, get a copy of the receipt, log all of that information in the system," said Lt. Sidney Allen of the Little Rock Police Department.

If the worst does happen, a person can simply turn their data base over to the police. Most find after a theft situation, they don't actually have a picture or recorded serial number of the item.

Report It is free to all citizens and requires a secure log-in. People using the database enter in their items, select a category, add the serial number, description and upload a picture of the item.

If the item is stolen, the information is matched to a national database, Ebay and makes recovery easier at pawn shops. The Little Rock Police say holiday shopping is a good time to enter in all of those valuable items.

"This would be a great opportunity for you to do it, do all your stuff pre-Christmas, go ahead and get all that out the way and then once you get your Christmas items, you can do your newer items," Allen said.


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