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On Your Side: Buying and Selling gun regulations

By Julie Calhoun

November 1, 2014

News 12 got a tip that Gander Mountain sold a customer a stolen firearm saying, "Be careful buying guns or anything at Gander Mountain in town. They sold me a stolen firearm. I was interrogated all morning about the weapon. I tried to register on post to hunt which I bought earlier this month."

So, we reached out to Gander Mountain about their buying and selling policy and they said "By law we cannot request background checks on customers who are selling used firearms to Gander Mountain. We conduct trace searches for specified firearms designated by serial numbers supplied by law enforcement."

The statement goes on to say they can't investigate serial numbers on used firearms because there's no national database to do that.

"I thought they certainly had something in place for that. Especially when buying and trading. I don't know why they don't have anything like that especially for a corporate institution like that," said Steve Fryant, store manager at Shooters Augusta.

Local gun stores in Richmond County have a different protocol to follow.

"If somebody is trading in a pistol or selling a pistol to us we go through leads online which is a Richmond County Ordinance," Fryant said.

The ordinance requires a back ground check on any gun.

"We hold the gun for 10 days and if we don't hear anything back from leads online we're able to sell the gun," Fryant said.

For a small gun store, Fryant said they can't be too careful.

"It keeps our back covered, and we usually we're really cautious when we bring a gun in especially before this because you never know anybody," Fryant said.

Gander Mountain is also located in Columbia County where there's no ordinance or wait period when buying or selling a gun.


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