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Police: Caretaker stole jewelry from elderly victims

By Danielle Lama

August 20, 2014

Police say 26-year-old Ebony Henderson took advantage of the people she was supposed to be helping.

"It appears that most of the victims were either handicapped in some way, shape or form and then elderly -- maybe 80ish," said LMPD Detective Rodney Underwood.

An arrest warrant states Henderson was working as a home health caretaker when she stole valuables. Court records show she's been arrested on 2 counts of knowingly exploiting an adult, theft and receiving stolen property.

"While she was alone in another room, she was kind of helping herself to jewelry," Underwood said. Police say she brought the items to Little John's Derby Jewelry and that she made a lot of money.

Detective Rodney Underwood says she got more than $800 during one trip and brought in a total of around $4,000 worth of jewelry. Underwood says the business provided photos of the items for the police investigation.

"We have the person selling any items to us sign a document stating that it is theirs, and then we take a photocopy of their ID and of course a signature and a thumb print," Little John's owner John Tan told WDRB News.

"We were able to match Ebony Henderson to her pawn records to the dates she provided service and we got photographs of the jewelry and took it and they were able to identify some of the jewelry," said Underwood.

Police say her current charges are in relation to two victims but they believe more could be out there. They're asking anyone who recognizes Henderson and has noticed missing jewelry to call 574-LMPD.

Metro Corrections officials say Henderson was booked into the jail Tuesday but has already been released on her own recognizance.


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