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Police: Stillwater woman pawns $14K engagment ring to EZ Pawn for $50

By Zak Patterson

September 26, 2014

Authorities have filed for an arrest warrant for a Stillwater woman whom they say pawned a $14,000 engagement ring to a pawn shop for $50.

The problem was, authorities say, the suspect was not the rightful owner of the ring.

The probable cause affidavit says that on Sept. 22, the Oklahoma City Police Department was notified of a false declaration to a pawn broker at the EZ Pawn located at 4408 S. Pennsylvania Ave. in Oklahoma City.

Upon investigating, police said the owner of the ring is Greg Nelson, who had given the ring to Driskel in August with the agreement that she would appraise the ring for a possible future sale.

Driskel told EZ Pawn that she had owned the ring for six months, but the affidavit for her arrest warrant says she was not the rightful owner of the ring and she was not allowed to sell or pawn the ring.

Surveillance video of the transaction was given to authorities, and the ring was recovered.

Driskel is a convicted felon with a history of crimes such as burglary and concealing stolen property.


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