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Police urge shoppers to protect big-ticket items

By Jane Sander

November 28, 2014

Black Friday can be a lot of fun and ushers in the holiday season, but it presents thieves with easy targets.

police on Friday encouraged shoppers to register their big-ticket items with a data base that stores serial numbers and other product information. The property inventory system is called ReportIt.

[It provides] insurance that these items are going to be protected now. If I put them in this program, at least I know that there's a chance of me getting it back if I ever become a victim," Henderson Police Department officer Sean Simoneau said.

Simoneau said the key to returning stolen items is that serial number.

"If you don't have your serial numbers it's tough because you could have a make and model, but without a serial number it's tough to prove whose is whose," Simoneau said.

Meanwhile, FOX5 spoke with a woman who was already a victim of theft on Thanksgiving.

"We trust the community, and it was my mistake in thinking that nothing was going to happen," theft victim Priscilla Arguello said.

Arguello said she left toys that she had purchased in her trunk in order to hide them from her kids.

"It's not just toys that they took; they take away your sense of security. You feel invaded. You feel like they're taking stuff right from your kids' hands," she said.

Arguello said a cellphone was left behind in her vehicle during the theft, which may lead police to the thief.


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