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Thieves busted thanks to local jeweler's records

October 31, 2014

Mark Enix, owner of Fountain City Jewelers, says he was just doing his job: Documenting every purchase.

He documents each diamond, gemstone and piece of gold sold to Fountain City Jewelers.

"We get their drivers license and make a copy of it. And we do the date and the time that they came in. Also have them do signatures and give phone numbers," Enix says.

He also takes a picture and plugs it all into

That database helped Claiborne County detectives find $30,00 worth of jewelry stolen from a Cumberland Gap couple.

Detective Tim Shrout worked on the case.

"There were a lot of sentimental items to them that was included in the jewelry and it just makes your day to put a smile on someone's face when you can actually get that back for them," Shrout says.

Shrout arrested Elbert Gilbert and Hersel Baker. They've been charged with aggravated burglary and theft, and about 80 percent of the jewelry has been returned to the couple.

For his part, Enix says he works hard to weed out buyers who don't seem right.

"If I see anybody acting a little funny, I just send them packing. It's not worth my trouble. I do not want to buy stolen stuff."

But he says about every six months, despite his precautions, he gets sold stolen jewelry. He says it comes with the territory. But that's where he says he's glad to know protocols are in place to help back him up.


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