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White Lake Township police recover $20,000 of stolen jewelry

February 15, 2014

White Lake Township police recovered more than $20,000 worth of stolen jewelry, including the victim's wedding ring, that was stolen in a home burglary.

"The victim provided me with the name of a possible suspect, and I ran that information through LeadsOnline," said Detective Brad Connell of White Lake Township police department in a statement released Friday. "Now that the pawn shops are reporting transactions electronically, it gives us the ability to make quicker and more accurate determinations when identifying stolen property."

The victim's home was burglarized and property was recovered approximately a week after the alleged theft.

LeadsOnline is a nationwide investigations system used by law enforcement to track stolen property that may have been sold across city, county and even state line.

"In a separate case, we searched a suspect's name and found she had sold a stolen iPod to a shop at the total opposite end of our county, in Ferndale," Det. Connell said.

There is an active felony arrest warrant for the suspect allegedly responsible for burglarizing the White Lake Township home.


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