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Nearly $5,000 of construction equipment stolen at construction site


By Anastasia Champ

December 29, 2016

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. – Around $4,800 worth of construction equipment was stolen from a construction site near Capital and Deirs Avenues Wednesday morning, police said.

Grand Island Police tell NBC Nebraska scaffolding, a stone brand mixer, scaffolding braces and mason grade planks, totaling to roughly $4,804 worth of items.

The equipment was stolen at a construction site just off Diers and Capital Avenues where police say building is being done for apartments.

Captain Jim Duering said there have been several thefts of tools over the past month or two, but there is no sure way to connect all the thefts to each other. Plus, this time, the theft included actual construction equipment, leading police to believe someone could be using the items for a building project of their own.

There are currently no leads on the suspect is, but Capt. Duering said they will monitor an online database called "Leads Online," where local pawn shops report stolen items.

Capt. Duering also mentions thefts like these serve as a reminder for people to keep track of serial numbers and keeping those numbers in safe places.

Once found, a suspect could face felony charges.

Source: http://www.nbcneb.com/content/news/Nearly-5000-of-construction-equipment-stolen-at-construction-site-408598205.html

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