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Law Enforcement Agencies Gain New Tools Through Anonymous Donation


By Chantelle Grove

April 11, 2017

An anonymous $2,200 donation to the Jefferson Police Department and the Greene County Sheriff's Office has allowed the law enforcement agencies to gain access to LeadsOnline. The nation's largest online investigative system, LeadsOnline offers a link between the investigators and missing items or individuals who can be instrumental in solving crimes. Through their meth monitor, forensic artists, witness statement analyzer and property identification systems, the Greene County Sheriff's Office and Jefferson Police Department will be able to have more information at their fingertips to not only solve more cases, but do so in a timely manner. These agencies thank everyone who has supported them in the past and continues to support them in their efforts to keep their communities safe. They are resolute in making sure that burglaries and thefts in the communities they serve are not tolerated, and they are confident this new tool will help them strictly enforce the State Laws that protect everyone from these crimes.


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