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Orange County Uses LeadsOnline

By Kathy Welsh

March 24, 2017

GOSHEN – The Orange County Sheriff's Office announces the implementation of LeadsOnline to assist with record keeping for precious and scrap metals for Orange County.

This new partnership will allow the Orange County Sheriff's Office to redirect manpower resources that were at one time required for data input for precious metal sales in the county, said Captain Scott K. Hamill.

The use of LeadsOnline also creates a data base and stores records for law enforcement to utilize in criminal cases involving stolen precious or scrap metals.

LeadsOnline is the nation's largest online investigation system for law enforcement, said Hammill, providing rapid electronic access to transactions from thousands of reporting businesses including scrap metal processors, secondhand stores, Internet drop-off stores, and pawn shops across the country, as well as critical information from eBay listings for criminal investigations.

Law enforcement investigators are being inundated with reports of metal thefts, and city and state officials across the country are seeking a solution that will let law enforcement identify those who sell stolen metal and give them the evidence they need to put them away, said Hammill.

According to LeadsOnline website, LeadsOnline is a technology service helping law enforcement catch criminals, while helping businesses reduce the hassles of reporting.

They support thousands of law enforcement agencies across the country by helping them solve crimes.

They also help businesses, which are typically required by law to report their transactions to law enforcement, by making reporting easier and more efficient. From secondhand dealers, pawnshops, and gold buyers to pharmacies and scrap metal dealers, we help each of them reduce the hassles of reporting.

The vast majority of the transactions taking place in those businesses are completely legitimate, said LeadsOnline, but reporting laws exist because a relative few are related to criminal activity on the part of the customer or some other party.

LeadsOnline said they are the link between investigators and missing items or individuals who may turn out to be instrumental in solving a homicide, finding a meth lab, or getting stolen property back to its rightful owner.


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