2024 LeadsOnline Leadership Conference


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Monday, May 13, 2024


Early Check-in
Attendees may pick up their name tag and Leadership Conference merchandise at the Leadership Conference Information Center. The LeadsOnline team will provide a briefing on what's happening at LeadsOnline HQ and what to expect during the conference.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024


LeadsOnline Product Trainings
During this time our team members will present on our LeadsOnline, Real Time Crime, CellHawk, and the newly added IBIS/NIBIN solutions. This is an interactive session where you will learn about feature functionality, and practical applications. Our team will be available throughout the conference to answer any additional questions you may have.


Networking Events
Attend the networking event you selected during registration (Blade & Timber Axe throwing, Kansas City BBQ Tour, Arrowhead Stadium Tour, National WWI Museum and Memorial Tour)


Opening Night Welcome Reception
Join us for food, drinks, and games at Chicken & Pickle!

Wednesday, May 15, 2024


A full hot breakfast buffet will be served.


Welcome to Kansas City!
Opening remarks and a briefing on our host city to be conducted by Kansas City law enforcement leaders.


Catalytic Converter Theft Ring Case
Hear from the investigator's perspective about how a string of multi-jurisdictional catalytic converter thefts were solved, including how you could leverage LeadsOnline's Metal Theft Investigations System to advance cases like this one.


Interrogating Saddam Hussein - Former FBI Senior Executive George Piro
George's inspiring story will detail his time as the team leader and interrogator for the FBI team responsible for the interrogation of Saddam Hussein, one of the most brutal dictators of our modern times. His presentation will take us through tactical interrogation techniques, as well as what this experience taught him about what it takes to pursue one's goals despite challenges.


Lunch on Your Own


LeadsOnline Partner Training
Hear from several of our partners and learn how their tools and expertise can help you advance your cases. In this session you will hear from the likes of EcoATM, OfferUp, and our Premier CellHawk trainers.


Cellular Investigations from the U.S. Secret Service
A Special Agent from the U.S. Secret Service will take attendees through a case study where the answers were in the cellular data. Hear how the case came together, and how you could leverage CellHawk and other tools at your agency to solve cases like these.




Stumping Scammers with LeadsOnline
The game to catch today's scammers is ever evolving. Through this case, we know just because it passes the scratch test doesn't mean it's real! Hear about cases in which crooks were caught selling fake gold, Rolexes, and more, and how you might be able to do the same in your jurisdiction.

Thursday, May 16, 2024


A full hot breakfast buffet will be served.


Fighting Gun Crime
This presentation will walk you through the steps taken to solve a case involving gun violence, and how the investigators involved leveraged NIBIN, and other data sources to tell the full story.


Gun Crime & Ballistic Identification Networks Through the Lens of a Prosecutor
Listen in to learn about how to properly present your case involving ballistic evidence to the prosecutor and in court to successfully deliver justice for your victims.


Lunch on Your Own


Solving Shootings – from Inside and Outside the Gun
Hear from one of the founders of Crime Gun Intelligence strategies, Pete Gagliardi. In this presentation, Pete will provide attendees with the evolution of gun crime investigations, including the development of the ATF's NIBIN Program, as well as leading strategies agencies everywhere can employ to solve gun crimes.


An Overview of NIBIN
This presentation will walk us through the ATF's NIBIN program and how agencies can leverage the network to correlate uses of firearms in and across jurisdictions. The presenter will share about the program's capabilities and help the audience understand how to partner with the ATF to solve crime.


NIBIN Site Operations – a Tactical Example
Hear from a local Kansas Law Enforcement agency about the scope, logistics, operations, personnel, and technology being leveraged to participate in the NIBIN program. Attendees will learn practically how their local agency could reduce time to solve shootings by participating in the NIBIN program.


Continuing Education Exam and Closing Remarks
This concludes the 2024 Leadership Conference. See y'all next year!