2023 LeadsOnline Leadership Conference


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Monday, April 3, 2023


Early Check-in at Leadership Conference Information Center
Early arrivers may pick up their name tag and Leadership Conference merch as the LeadsOnline crew sets the stage.*

* Drinks and light appetizers will be provided

Tuesday, April 4, 2023


A full hot breakfast buffet will be served each morning outside the ballroom.


LeadsOnline Come and Go Training – Ashley Sacrider, COO
This is a training session where you can ask questions and learn how to maximize LeadsOnline for your investigations. If you have any questions after the training is over, our team of experts are available to help!


Box Lunch Provided


Opening Night Welcome Reception*

* Dinner and drinks provided

Wednesday, April 5, 2023


A full hot breakfast buffet will be served each morning outside the ballroom.


Welcome to Charlotte! – Alex Finley
CEO of LeadsOnline, Alex Finley makes opening remarks to begin our LeadsOnline training and introduce upcoming speaking sessions.


Briefing Over Charlotte


Advance with LeadsOnline – Alex Finley, CEO and Ashley Sacrider, COO
LeadsOnline exists to help investigators advance their cases faster. In this session, Alex and Ashley will discuss the meaningful advancements in the LeadsOnline investigations suite and what users can expect in the coming years. We'll specifically dive into the growth in data coverage, advancements in the Real Time Crime system to help investigators work smarter cases, and the mission-critical insights to be uncovered with CellHawk.


Leadership in Times of Change – A Conversation with Governor Jeb Bush
It's no secret, law enforcement has faced unprecedented challenges over the past several years: civil unrest, structural increases in crime, and severe staffing shortages to name a few. Still the job remains the same – to protect and serve the community. In this session, LeadsOnline CEO Alex Finley will sit down with Governor Bush for a conversation on leadership, tough situations, foundational principles, and how you can lead in your agency.


Lunch on Your Own


Cracking The Case With CellHawk – Det. Martin Keck, Wauwatosa PD
When you have nothing, you have data! This presentation reviews three different cases in which investigators had no evidence at the onset but were able to solve the crimes using call detail and specialized location records. You wouldn't forget to search a crime scene, don't forget to search your "digital crime scene" either.


Myths and Realities of Cellular Analysis – CellHawk Subject Matter Expert Panel – Nick Falciccio, ABM Intel; Jason Hawks, Hawks Consulting; Marty Keck, DEFI Training
Do you want to know how call detail records are generating cell site location information? Have you ever wondered what the coverage area of a cell site and sector really is? Learn firsthand the technology behind your records and best practices for mapping & analyzing cell site location information.




Catching Crooks with Connected Cars – Kipp Loving
Today's modern cars are connected via cellular modems embedded in vehicles. These vehicles are constantly registering with nearby cellular towers, providing an array of information. The communication is occurring even when the vehicle is parked and unattended for long periods of time, no different than your victim or suspect's personal mobile devices. Stop ignoring this evidence! This training will help the investigator identify a connected vehicle, secure the data using legal process, and determine the best way to present results for court.

Thursday, April 6, 2023


A full hot breakfast buffet will be served each morning outside the ballroom.


Multi-million Organized Theft Ring Busted in Colorado Springs – Det. Mace
In November 2021, an interview was conducted with a known booster selling to a pawn shop that was knowingly accepting large quantities of stolen goods. A nearly yearlong undercover operation ensued. Through many twists and turns in the case, eventually four suspects were arrested in a federal money laundering scheme.




Organized Retail Crime Panel – Det. Chris Mace, Colorado Springs CO PD; Lt. Mike Ricupero, New York NY PD; Det. Rob Wetzel, Rochester NY PD
ORC costs the retail industry approximately $30 billion each year according to the National Retail Federation, and the problem is becoming more prevalent. Hear what steps big box retailers take to deter ORC in their stores and the tools and tactics investigators have at their disposal to assist law enforcement.


Lunch on Your Own


EcoATM and ProtechDNA Training
Tips and tools to give you the break you have been looking for in your investigations. This training will introduce you to EcoATM and ProtechDNA. Here you will learn how these technologies work and how these beneficial tools aid law enforcement in detecting and deterring criminal activity.


Survive First: Your Life Matters – Raul Rivas
First responders face unique situations and challenges daily, that can have an impact on physical and mental wellness. This presentation provides insight and information on inevitable exposure to trauma through the eyes of first responders and veterans. Survive First aims to provide hope and guidance through education and connecting individuals to healthy effective resources.




DNA and the Lee Rotatori Cold Case Investigation – Det. Steve Andrews, Council Bluffs
It's a case that remained cold for decades before advancements in DNA technology. In mid-June 1982, Lee Rotatori made the roughly 617-mile trek from Nunica, Mich., to Council Bluffs. The 32-year-old arrived in Council Bluffs for a job. She checked into a Best Western Motel, where she would stay until her husband arrived with the couple's mobile home. The next day, a motel employee found Rotatori dead in her room, the victim of a single stab wound. But despite exhaustive efforts, law enforcement was unable to figure out who killed Rotatori. Learn how investigators finally cracked the case.


Continuing Education Exam and Closing Remarks
This concludes the 2023 Leadership Conference. See y'all next year!