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Dave Finley's photograph

Dave Finley

President and CEO

  • MBA in Finance, Texas A&M.
  • Masters in Management, University of Dallas.
  • Bachelor of Business, Harding University.

Dave Finley is an endlessly driven idea generator, dedicated to delivering on his word. This means he likes challenges, and LeadsOnline is a perfect match.

Before joining LeadsOnline, Dave helped lead an emerging, publicly traded company in the Silicon Valley to 60,000 subscribers and 350 employees. He energized the organization, enabling it to achieve and exceed Wall Street's estimates for growth and product delivery schedules. The company was purchased by DIRECTV in 2001.

Looking way back, Dave built strong and lasting partnerships for Sprint, where he grew revenue, shaped strategy, and integrated acquisitions.

Dave has made a difference as an integral leader in both entrepreneurial enterprises and Fortune 100 companies. As CEO of LeadsOnline, he inspires and keeps us moving in the same direction with mission-filled force.

Dave reminds us that our mission at LeadsOnline may be the coolest thing anyone has ever done... and we think he's right.

Ashley Sacriders's photograph

Ashley Sacrider

Director of Operations

Ashley has been serving law enforcement agencies since 2003. A graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University, she is a natural leader and builds great teams. Ashley's team of sales and client support staff brings law enforcement agencies and businesses together for the benefit of communities across the United States. She and her team know that LeadsOnline is a service and not just software. They live by a few simple rules:

  • Be friendly
  • Be helpful
  • Be capable
  • Be proactive

If you have been with us for a while, you probably already know Ashley well. She and her team crisscross the country training law enforcement personnel and helping in City Council meetings and business conferences. After hours, you'll find her at the ball game. If you'd like our team to visit your city... or your stadium, give Ashley a call.

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