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Leadership Conference

Going strong since 2008

Our Leadership Conference is one of the ways we say thank you to the men and women who give us meaningful work to do.

Continuing Education

Our agendas include 16 hours of continuing education presented by experts in their fields. Investigators are able to take this information, return to their department, and apply those principles and skills to their daily work.


The Leadership Conference brings together roughly 300 investigators from all across the country. The conference serves as a breeding ground for best practice sharing and common problem solving. Departments large and small send their best to this event every year to find ways to get better.

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Each year, we ask conference attendees to tell us what they thought about the experience. Here are a few of the comments sent in from those who have attended throughout the years.

"This was a great time. Best conference I've attended in my 20 years."

"I can't express enough how great an experience the conference was. We were well taken care of, had a great time at the networking events and gained a lot of valuable information during the sessions."

"This was a wonderfully organized and very interesting conference. I was able to take a lot of information back to coworkers. Can't wait for next year!"

"After going to this conference for a second year, I have become friends with several different officers from different states and agencies. I look forward to going to this training every year."

"My partner and I came back from the conference and immediately made a couple of cases!"

"I enjoyed the interaction with others who use LeadsOnline and was able to get some new ideas on how to use the information."

Where we have taken our conference: