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Nationwide Coverage

LeadsOnline provides access to transactions from thousands of reporting businesses to monitor compliance and identify people, property, and patterns to advance cases faster. Leverage advanced search tools to find customer and item images, scrap metal, catalytic converters, analyze phone extractions, and navigate online marketplaces such as eBay and OfferUp.

Real Time Crime System

Technology Doing More

Too many cases. Not enough investigators. Need a force multiplier.

With RTC, you'll identify leads and crime patterns only possible with LeadsOnline. Automatically.

Business Compliance

Easy to Use Monitoring

The days of driving around to local businesses to collect tickets and using precious man-hours to key in tickets are over. Log into LeadsOnline to see which businesses are in good standing and which need a little extra attention.

CellHawk New

Map, Connect & Uncover Trends in Mobile Device Data

Acquired by LeadsOnline in 2022, CellHawk is a web-based solution for analyzing and mapping Call Detail Records, geofence returns and practically any digital location evidence in your case. See why more agencies have trusted CellHawk to bring missing persons home and violent criminals to justice more than any other program.

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One hit clears 21 cases

"The West Carroll Sheriff's Department entered several stolen guns in the LeadsOnline stolen items watch list, and as a result, we received a hit confirming that an individual had pawned five stolen firearms in a pawn shop in Morehouse Parish. That information allowed us to clear 21 burglaries that had occurred in our Parish over a 3-month period. Thank you very much LeadsOnline for a tremendous resource and a great tool to help in our fight against crime."

Chf. Dep. Kenneth Green
West Carroll Sheriff's Department

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