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Support for Internet Explorer ended on August 17, 2021


What does this mean?

If you're seeing this message, we've detected you're likely using Internet Explorer. On August 17, 2021, Microsoft stopped supporting IE 11. (Older versions of IE stopped being supported in 2020.) This means Microsoft will no longer release feature or security updates for Internet Explorer, and IE users will become more susceptible to security-based attacks.

Can I still use LeadsOnline if I am using Internet Explorer?

For the time being, yes, but it is not recommended. As new LeadsOnline features are released, users on Internet Explorer will miss out on the best possible experience. Eventually, new features will stop working entirely in IE.

What should I do?

Switch to a modern, secure, and compatible browser, like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

Recommended browsers

Browsers no longer compatible, secure

  • Internet Explorer (ALL VERSIONS) Not Compatible / Not Secure / No Longer Supported

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