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We're trusted by large corporations and thousands of small businesses, including pawn shops, secondhand stores, and scrap metal recyclers across all 50 states.

Report electronically

LeadsOnline is a web–based system for businesses, designed to meet local reporting requirements in an efficient and user-friendly manner. Our software can connect to any point of sale system, or can be used as a secure standalone service for electronic reporting. LeadsOnline for businesses is:

  • Completely free
  • Fast, simple, and secure
  • Totally digital (eliminates the need for paper tickets)
  • Web-based and available 24/7

Partnering with local businesses

We help businesses work together within their communities and believe that it's this overall partnership that brings about a safer community. LeadsOnline is an effective nationwide system because of the commitment of business owners who want to help put a stop to property crimes and drug abuse.

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