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People call LeadsOnline every day. Some are victims of crime. Some want help with an Internet transaction gone bad. Others just like what we do and would love to see LeadsOnline serving their community.

If you're a victim of a crime

While civilians can't access LeadsOnline directly, and LeadsOnline personnel do not perform investigative functions (we're geeks, not cops), we still want to help:

If you're a victim of a crime, and your local law enforcement agency contacts us, we will provide access for them even if they're currently not subscribed to LeadsOnline. You can also report your complaint to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center by visiting their website at


If the potential crime involved a listing on eBay, simply contact your local law enforcement agency and request that they access LeadsOnline eBay First Responder Service to work your case.

To report a suspicious eBay listing to eBay investigators, click the "Report Item" link near the item's description. To report a complaint to eBay, visit their Resolution Center at

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