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People call LeadsOnline every day. Some are victims of crime. Some want help with an Internet transaction gone bad. Others just like what we do and would love to see LeadsOnline serving their community.

While civilians cannot access LeadsOnline directly, and LeadsOnline personnel do not perform investigative functions (because we're geeks, not cops... well, a couple of us were cops before becoming LeadsOnline geeks). Anyway, we do want to help:

Here's how we can help

Avoid becoming a victim

For a few tips to help you avoid becoming a crime victim in the future, please review this excellent advice by Detective Sergeant Dwight Onchi of the Sherwood, Oregon Police Department on marking your personal property for quicker recovery in the event of theft.

If you believe you are the victim of an Internet–related property crime, contact the fraud unit at your local law enforcement agency. In some agencies, this investigative team is known as "Internet Crimes" or "White Collar Crimes." You may also report your complaint to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)'s Internet Crime Complaint Center by visiting their website at www.ic3.gov.

If the potential crime involved a listing on the eBay website, simply contact your local law enforcement agency and request that they access LeadsOnline eBay First Responder Service to work your case. Even if they don't use other LeadsOnline services, they can access the LeadsOnline eBay First Responder Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in real time on an individual case basis.

If you wish to report a suspicious eBay listing to eBay investigators, click the "Report this Item" link at the bottom of the listing page. This link will take you directly to a list of possible reasons why a listing needs to be brought to eBay's attention. This will help eBay review potential listing violations quickly.

If you wish to report a complaint to eBay, visit their Resolution Center at resolutioncenter.ebay.com.

If your detective tells you that your crime was solved via LeadsOnline, and you're happy about that, please email us at imarockstar@leadsonline.com. If you don't mind us sharing your story, we'll send you a thank you and something cool to wear to spread the LeadsOnline love. In fact, here's one of those stories:

"While I was away on vacation with friends and family, my house got broken into. They stole around $10,000 worth of stuff from my house made up mostly of DVDs and computer equipment. The local police had caught two people breaking into a different house, and one of the suspects pointed out that my house was one of 20 others they had broken into recently.

When the suspect mentioned that they had sold some of the stuff to two pawn shops in Little Rock, Arkansas, I made a trip to see what I could find. I contacted an officer in the Little Rock Police Department's Burglary Squad who mentioned your site could help. The officer then took the suspects' names from my police report, and started looking them up on your site. In 5 minutes, he had found where one of the suspects had sold a lot of DVDs to a particular pawn shop that was not one of the ones the suspect had mentioned. The number sold sounded exactly like the number that had been stolen.

With the help of the pawn shop and this officer from the LRPD, my $4,500 worth of DVDs are now back in my house. I didn't expect to see any of my stuff again, especially the DVDs.

I had never heard of your website before, but I'm glad it's there. In talking with the local police department, they mentioned that they were looking at trying to get it soon.

I will be telling any law enforcement officer and any pawn shop owners I see about your site. Because of you, I got back something I thought I had lost forever. Thanks for being there."

A Burglary Victim, Arkansas

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