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Pawn America pitches in for police program

May 06, 2010

The Onalaska Police Department recently announced that LeadsOnline will remain a part of its crime fighting arsenal, thanks in part to its ongoing partnership with local retailer Pawn America.

LeadsOnline enables law enforcement to track and analyze transaction records from pawn shops, secondhand stores, Internet dropoff stores and scrap metal recyclers nation wide. Officials say it has proven to be a valuable investigative tool and was a welcome addition to the department.

"My investigators use LeadsOnline quite a bit," said Onalaska Police Chief Jeffrey Trotnic. "Unfortunately, it was beginning to appear as if we would be unable to renew our membership in the 2010 budget. Upon hearing this, Pawn America offered to pay for our subscription for another year. This is unprecedented generosity on the part of Pawn America."

Brad Rixmann, owner and founder of Pawn America, said the company has a a corporate policy and priority to "send the message that Pawn America doesn't have interest in and won't accept stolen property. ... Pawn America believes in proactively assisting law enforcement with the recovery of stolen goods."

LeadsOnline has proven to be an invaluable tool for investigators, leading to the recovery of more than $10,000 worth of stolen merchandise int he past year, said investigator Chad Marcon of the Onalaska Police Department.

"LeadsOnline has been a crucial element in the quick recovery of stolen property," Marcon said. "It sends a message to criminals that in Onalaska stolen merchandise is not a welcome commodity. Making it clear that our city is inhospitable to criminal activity is proactive policing at its best. Pawn America's stance on this issue makes my job that much easier."

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