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Police offering free service to track valuables

By James Gilbert, Sun Staff Writer

January 20, 2011

The Yuma Police Department is offering a free, secure online system to Yumans that will help keep track of valuable — and invaluable — personal property.

"This free online service will help citizens keep track of important information that will assist law enforcement in tracking and identifying stolen property faster," said Yuma Police Chief Jerry Geier.

The ReportIt system is a free online service that allows people to record the serial numbers and upload images of their valuables such as phones, electronics and other valuables. Should those items ever be stolen, having the information about them will go a long way in accurately and quickly identifying your property.

Sgt. Clint Norred, a YPD spokesman, said people can store an unlimited number of serial numbers, item descriptions, pictures and scans of receipts so items may be more easily identified in the event of theft.

"The traditional way for years has been for police to encourage people to write this information down and keep it handy and in a safe place. Thanks to technology, this is just another option for people to do that now."

Norred explained that having a secure database where users of this system can continually update their belongings, print lists of stolen items and provide a list to a police officer in the event of a loss, greatly increases the chances of recovering their property.

He added this record may also come in handy when filing claims with insurance providers in the event of loss.

Yuma-area residents who want to participate in the ReportIt system can register for the free service at and begin building their personal property inventory list.

The ReportIt service is a part of LeadsOnline, an online system that works with police across the country to track and recover stolen property. Norred said that the YPD has used LeadsOnline since 2007 to help track and recover stolen property.

The LeadsOnline system allows detectives to search for the items using a variety of parameters, including item descriptions and serial numbers. When an item is sold to a pawn or secondhand shop, the product information is entered in the LeadsOnline database and is immediately viewable by participating law enforcement agencies across the country.

LeadsOnline is the nation's largest online investigative system, used by more than 3,000 law enforcement agencies to recover stolen property and solve crimes. Each day, millions of items are added to the LeadsOnline database by businesses including secondhand stores, scrap metal recyclers, pawn shops and Internet drop-off stores across all 50 states.

An official eBay partner, LeadsOnline helps prevent illegal transactions on the eBay website as well by giving law enforcement access to the world's largest online marketplace through automatic upload of all eBay transactions into the LeadsOnline database.

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