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Abilene pawn shops, police collaborate for community's sake

By Dora Miller

December 3, 2014

The Abilene Police Department and local pawn shops work together daily for the safety of the community.

People's items are stolen for a variety of reasons, but once they are taken, the police department works the area's pawn shops to try and recover them.

"Without that collaboration, without that mutual respect, we wouldn't be successful in solving crimes and ultimately recovering property for victims," Detective Chris Adams of the Abilene Police Department said.

One of the pawn shops the police department works with is Wild Bill's Pawn Shop.

"We want to be a positive thing, we want to show that we don't want stolen items," Galen Hester, manager at Wild Bill's, said. "The cost of it is, it costs us time, it's a hassle to have to deal with it."

Hester said collaboration with police is crucial in keeping a positive reputation and reducing crime in the area.

"Every transaction that comes through the door is documented in a way that law enforcement, as well as we, can find it," Hester said.

"They have to provide those records if they're asked but our pawn shops here, we have a great relationship with them and they freely report that information to us," Adams said.

Pawn shops also have rules in place that stop thieves from making profit.

"Anything that we purchase for resale, we're obligated to hold it for 11 days, so we know that the rightful owner that person will come back and get it," Hester said. "We would just rather not have any stolen items."

When stolen items are seized from the shops, the business is not reimbursed for that property, but Hester said that's just a cost of the business.


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