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Bolivar pawn shops may have new requirements

By Jonathan Harper

July 12, 2014

One pawn shop owner in Bolivar, Mo. says requiring pawn shops to register high price items online is a good thing for customers and it will also help fight crime.

"I think it's a good idea, anything to curb the thievery that's going on out there right now, is a good thing," says Richard Black.

Black says he has bought items that ended up being stolen in the past and the victims say they appreciate him using the web site Leads Online to help local law enforcement recover their stolen items.

Black says he already registers his items online and he says anywhere that sales used items should be required to do the same.

Pawn shops in Springfield, Mo. are already required to register items on Leads Online.

"It's basically the law, but if you take the law aspect out of it, it's the ethical thing to do," says Daniel Hawkins of Gold Exchange.

Hawkins says he has worked at Gold Exchange pawn shop for nine years and he says he has received stolen items from customers as well.

He says unfortunately, he rarely gets reimbursed from the original seller once authorities press changes.

He adds that part of the process needs to be updated but he says all pawn shops in the area should have the same rules and regulations.

"We found out that for us to do that, it curves a lot of the there that might be going on because a lot of the people know that we do use leads on line and they might not want to come in and sale us or pawn that item because of the record we keep," says Black.

Black says this proposal has been talked about before in Bolivar but was met by push back from pawn shop owners.

An ordinance is expected to be presented at the next Bolivar board of Alderman meeting on July 22.


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